Muhammad Najem

Syrian child labor in Lebanon

Syrian child labor in Lebanon


A Syrian woman talks about the harsh conditions in Lebanese refugee camps and how she has been forced for the last ten years to force her children to work to secure their daily food and cover their numbers.

The level of Syrian displacement in Lebanon is very high. As a result, it has become difficult for children to access education when they do not have the means to pay for school fees or other materials they need. Many children have been forced to work, but even if they work as little as four hours a day, it makes them ineligible for government programs such as child benefits and health care.

Syrian children at work in Lebanon. There is a great risk of child labor in Lebanon due to the country’s large refugee population, who come from war-torn Syria.These children may not be employed by choice but by necessity. While working, many children have to manage the financial and emotional aspects of moving to another country with their families.

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