Muhammad Najem

Syrian Revolution Still Going Strong At 11 Years

Syrian Revolution Still Going Strong At 11 Years


The Assad regime blames the revolution for the destruction of Syria, but logic shows otherwise.


Peaceful, organized protests began in March, 2011.


Demands were made for justice and an end to corruption and oppression by the Assad regime.


The regime answered the peaceful protests with bullets, death, detainment, and torture of innocent civilians.


No one was safe from this brutality, not even children.


Attacks by the regime murdered babies and children with bombs and chemical warfare.


One can question both the Assad regime and the revolutionaries, is it all worth it?


The incredible loss of life and property, the continued suffering–we will tell you it is worth the fight.


A new compassionate generation grows up smiling and carrying on with the strength and desire to have freedom and justice.


The dream of freedom will be a reality for those with patience, and Syria will be rebuilt one stone at a time.


The revolution lives on, growing stronger every day.


Revolution until victory!

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