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the 12th anniversary of the Syrian revolution

the 12th anniversary of the Syrian revolution


It has been 12 long and arduous years since the Syrian revolution started, a turning point in the history of Syria. Despite the widespread destruction that has taken place, some may wonder what the revolution has truly achieved. So let me take you with me on a small journey and tell you the story of how and why the Syrian revolution began.

For more than half a century, a single family had held onto power in Syria, crushing any form of opposition and suppressing the voices of the people. During their reign, the city of Hama bore witness to a massacre that claimed the lives of thousands and left the city in ruins. Corruption and authoritarianism were rife, while the rest of the country languished in poverty, neglected and abandoned by the ruling family.

This family had seized power in a military coup, causing immense suffering and distress to the Syrian people. In 2011, the spark that ignited the revolution was the unlawful arrest and torture of young schoolchildren who had dared to express their anti-government sentiments. The Syrian people had had enough, and they rose up in protest, demanding their rights and their freedom.

But instead of listening to the people’s demands, the government responded with brutal force, arresting and shooting peaceful demonstrators who were simply calling for their basic human rights. Bashar al-Assad, the head of the regime, appeared on television and denigrated the protesters, calling them “Germs” and accusing them of conspiring against Syria. But his words only served to fuel the uprising, as the people refused to back down.

Over 12 years later, the Syrian people are still fighting for their rights and their freedom, even as they endure constant bombing, displacement, and destruction of their homes. Thousands have lost their lives, while millions have been forced to flee their homes, becoming refugees in their own country or seeking asylum abroad. But despite all this suffering, We as Syrian people continue to hold onto hope, believing that a better future awaits us.

Nevertheless, there are still thousands of detainees in the prisons of this regime who have not surrendered or weakened, but still, trust that a new dawn will come for Syria

Happy anniversary to all my friends and family. Happy anniversary to all Syrians and the world


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