Muhammad Najem

The Day After Tomorrow, A Short Film


مخلّفات الحرب.. مأساةٌ تحصد أرواح السّوريّين!

فيلم قصير للتحذير من الذخائر الغير منفجرة.

The people of Syria don’t just live with bombs and missiles, but also have to deal with the unexploded munitions left behind.

When bombing and shelling occurs, some of the weapons don’t explode, but sit, fully armed and ready to explode when touched or stepped on.

The father in this video always warned his children to stay far from such weapons. He went out himself to collect them to protect his children and others.

Sadly, he was the victim of an exploding munition, and now his children must take care of him.

The video reminds us that there are constant dangers for the people walking or the children playing on the land.

Even when the bombs have stopped, there is no sense of safety.

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