Muhammad Najem

The environment is an integral part of our lives

The environment is an integral part of our lives


The environment directly and indirectly affects our lives, as it expresses all the things that surround us from water, air, humans, animals, and plants. The environment is an important factor in our lives and we should take care of it because it affects everything around us.

The environment directly affects our lives by affecting the weather conditions in which we live. For example, if there is a drought or flood in a certain area, we may suffer from lack of food or water. If this happens frequently in our area then it could lead to malnutrition among children or even death if left untreated for too long. The same applies for diseases such as malaria and cholera which spread easily when there isn’t enough clean water available for people to drink from lakes or rivers nearby where they live.

In addition to these problems with food shortages and disease outbreaks caused by climate change, there are many other environmental issues that affect our daily lives including pollution from factories and power stations where harmful chemicals are released into the air without any protection against them being inhaled by people living close by who breathe these fumes every day without knowing what’s causing them so much illness over time!

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