Muhammad Najem

The Free Syrian People Stand with Ukraine

The Free Syrian People Stand with Ukraine


The world leaders should be ashamed, they have left Ukrainians to fight Putin’s soldiers, just as they left us in Syria to face the same.


The Russian leader is a war criminal, and uses the same internationally banned weapons against Ukrainian civilians as he does against Syrian civilians.


Know that we stand with you, Ukraine. We believe you will win this war, and it won’t be long.


As Syrians, we fully understand what you are going through: the bombs, missiles, displacement, and fear for your families lives.


After 11 years, we still have war. We pray that war in Ukraine doesn’t go on like ours.


And to any people who say that the blonde, blue eyed refugees are better than those from the Middle East–shame on you. We are all human beings, and therefore the same.


Where is your humanity?


As human beings, we should all stand with Ukraine, just as we should all stand with Syrians.


War, blood, murder, and destruction are nightmares that no one should ever endure.


Stay strong, Ukraine! We stand with you against the Russian war criminal, Putin.

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