Muhammad Najem

The Lebanese authorities must immediately stop forcibly deporting refugees back to Syria

The Lebanese authorities must immediately stop forcibly deporting refugees back to Syria


in a small country named Lebanon, there is a crisis that is causing a great deal of pain and suffering for Syrian refugees. The Lebanese government, under pressure from some parts of the society, had begun to implement an inhumane campaign of deporting Syrian refugees back to Syria.

The Syrian refugees had fled their homeland to escape the violence, persecution, and war that had consumed their lives. They had sought refuge in Lebanon, hoping for a better life and a brighter future. However, their dreams had been shattered when the Lebanese authorities began deporting them.

The Syrian refugees are terrified of being sent back to their homeland, where the regime was known for its brutality, torture, and imprisonment. They had already lost everything in Syria, their homes, their jobs, their families, and their dignity. They had nothing left to lose, except for their lives.

The Lebanese authorities are aware of the dangers that awaited the Syrian refugees in Syria, but they chose to ignore their plight. They claimed that the refugees were a burden on their country, that they were taking jobs from Lebanese citizens, and that they were a threat to national security.

The truth is that the refugees are not a burden, but an asset to Lebanon. They are hardworking, talented, and resourceful people who could contribute to the development and prosperity of Lebanon if given the opportunity. They were not taking jobs from Lebanese citizens, but filling the gap in the labor market that the Lebanese workers could not or would not fill.

The Syrian refugees are not a threat to national security, but victims of the same violence and extremism that Lebanon was also facing. They shared the same struggle for peace, stability, and freedom as the Lebanese people. They are not enemies, but allies in the fight against terrorism and radicalism.

The Lebanese authorities had a moral and legal obligation to protect the Syrian refugees, not to deport them. They had signed international conventions and agreements that guaranteed the rights and protection of refugees, and they must abide by them.

The Lebanese people also had a responsibility to show compassion and solidarity with the Syrian refugees, not to attack them. They must understand that the refugees were not the cause of their problems, but victims of the same system of corruption, injustice, and inequality that they were also suffering from.


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