Muhammad Najem

The souls of the victims are waiting for justice

The souls of the victims are waiting for justice


The chemical attacks that occurred in Douma, Syria in 2018 were a horrific event that resulted in the loss of innocent lives and caused significant harm to the affected community. The attack involved the use of poisonous chlorine gas, which is a prohibited chemical weapon under the Chemical Weapons Convention.

The use of chemical weapons is a violation of international law and an affront to the fundamental principles of humanity. It is a cowardly act that targets innocent civilians and causes immense suffering, both physically and psychologically. The fact that the Syrian regime used such weapons in Douma is a clear indication of their disregard for human life and their willingness to go to any lengths to maintain their grip on power.

Despite the overwhelming evidence of the use of chemical weapons in Douma, the perpetrators of this crime have not been held accountable.

It is crucial to ensure that the ban on chemical weapons is upheld and that those responsible for the Douma attack are held accountable. Justice must be served for the victims of this heinous crime, and measures must be put in place to prevent such atrocities from happening again in the future. The OPCW’s Investigation and Identification Team (IIT) report provides crucial evidence that can be used to bring the perpetrators to justice, and the international community must take decisive action to ensure that justice is served.


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