Muhammad Najem

The Sryian hope

war and harshness in the middle of everywhere,
A glimmer of hope shines bright.
For the people of Syria,
Who has lived a life full of difficulties

Children, in specific
Bear the weight of this tragedy.
But they are not broken,
do you know why.
because of the hope in their little heart

Through their resilience and determination,
the hope still appear
To rebuild and to heal,
And to reach for the skies.

destruction and pain not stopping them
do you know why
because so much still have to gain
hope is not yet end

may a lot be dead
but a lot are not born yet
generation after generation
and Syria will be build

no returning back
forward we are going ahead
no barrier is gonna stop us
we are the children who have seen the light yet

For the dreams of these children,
Are the dreams of us all.
Let us make them a reality,
And let peace stand tall.

our way is not ended yet
to mush must be done
but nothing has been done yet
this is only a matter of time

the smell of jasmine smelt in the place
food and dishes are not everywhere
that who we were
happiness all the time that how we feel

love and peace will spread
no matter how dark stronger than light
human changes between morning and night

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