Muhammad Najem

The virus will kill more than four million people. The next outbreak? We’re not ready


I am very sad about the shocking news from two days ago in Idlib, coronavirus has arrived. Unfortunately, the Ministry of Health in Idlib has now announced thirteen cases of people with coronavirus. This was almost unbelievable until now. The presence of Coronavirus inside the camps means another disaster coming for the people. The fear is enormous for all of the displaced families, most of whom live in tents. The camps are not equipped to keep people healthy. Most of them do not even have the money for food, let alone to buy soaps and hand sanitizers. How can they fight this virus when they’ve been fighting for basic survival for nine years? The sun’s heat exceeds 50 degrees and the heat waves are frequent. They can’t stop these heatwaves, so how can they manage this virus that has terrified the whole world, which hasn’t been able to stop it? Please! Idlib is at risk. Bombs and shelling on the one hand. And the virus on the other hand. Idlib is on your conscience. Will you help them, or will you ignore them?

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