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Their gardens are unlike any other garden design

In the unconventional gardens of Northwest Syria, civilians face another winter, enduring over a decade of challenges. The region, scarred by 13 years of war and ongoing attacks by the Syrian regime and Russia, has transformed into a landscape where everyday life is a battle against harsh conditions.

**Challenges in Camps: Impeded Movement and Muddy Terrain**

*Winter Transformation of Camps*

As winter descends, camps transform into mud pools, hindering movement and causing road closures. Consequently, this disrupts access to public facilities, medical centers, and schools, turning simple tasks into formidable challenges for families navigating through the muddy terrain.

**Ongoing Conflict: The Toll on Communities and Insufficient International Response**

*Shattered Communities*

the continued conflict and attacks by the Syrian regime and Russia compound the plight of civilians in Northwest Syria. Thirteen years of war have left communities shattered, with infrastructure in ruins. Despite these challenges, the international humanitarian response has proven insufficient, impeding timely aid delivery to those in need.

**Urgent Need for Humanitarian Assistance: Dignified Life and Justice**

*Desperate Cry for Assistance*

In the face of adversity, civilians in Northwest Syria deserve a dignified life and justice. The harsh conditions they endure necessitate an immediate, robust international humanitarian response to alleviate their suffering. Fundamental rights, such as medical care and education, should not be compromised, especially during the unforgiving winter months.

**Global Call for Action: Long-Term Solutions and Rebuilding**

*Recognizing Urgency: A Plea for Global Response*

the international community must recognize the urgency and take decisive action. Beyond immediate relief efforts, a pressing need exists for a long-term commitment to rebuilding infrastructure and creating sustainable solutions for displaced populations. Breaking the cycle of suffering will provide the people of Northwest Syria with the opportunity to rebuild their lives with dignity and resilience.

*Winter’s Unyielding Grip*

As winter persists in Northwest Syria, civilians continue to endure immense hardship. The transformation of camps into muddy landscapes underscores the urgency for international humanitarian assistance. The international community must not ignore the plight of these individuals who have faced 13 years of war and ongoing attacks. The time for action is now – a dignified life and justice for the people of Northwest Syria depend on a swift and comprehensive humanitarian response.


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