Muhammad Najem

There are no human rights or laws here to preserve human dignity in general.


Hello, my friends, I hear this word echoed a lot nowadays—the word “refugee”. We are Syrians, Yemenis, Egyptians, Iraqis, Lebanese, Africans… We always hear the word “refugee”. Syrian refugee . Refugees abroad. Refugees refugees… My friends, we did not set out to be refugees, but we fled from the war, we were dying, and still are. Our country is ruled by tyrants, monsters, and killers. They stole our dreams. They stole our money. They stole our food. They stole our childhode We are not refugees, we left against our will. We left with torn hearts. Syrian, Libyan, Sudanese, Moroccan, Egyptian, African, Iraqi, or Lebanese; our countries are plundered by their rulers. Our country are destroyed. And we were subjected to injustice in our country because of this brutal dictator. Some of us got out because of the injustice. Some of us left because of hunger. Some of us fled because of the poverty. Some of us got out because of the insecurity. We are human, and we have rights. Rulers of our country stole those rights and we are looking for a country to offer them to us. Most of us have lost our money, our children, or our possessions. We left everything behind to search for safety. We left our country to live among you. I am a human being, not an animal. In Syria, Bashar al-Assad, in Palestine, the Zionist entity, Libya, Yemen, Sudan, Lebanon and Iraq are all Arab countries, and we note that they are devastated and poor countries despite the presence of many sufficient wealth to make them a great economic power We are human beings, regardless of race or color. Human rights we often hear about them, but here there are none. There are no human rights or laws here to preserve human dignity in general. Rights, laws, and organizations, but if we want to talk about Syria or the Arab countries, we are the people who need more help from these organizations. The human right to live outside of prisons. The human right to have food. The human right to find work in safety. The human right to live in the homeland. The human right to preserve our dignity and not to destroy it. But we did not see any of this, or we can say that we see it in some countries, but not here. Can we say that some people have rights and others do not? Or can we say that everyone has rights except we Arabs? Who can believe that bringing food and aid to Syrian people need approval and votes to bring this aid? Is this the development we were hoping to reach? Is this the future?

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