Muhammad Najem

they’re stuck there with a tent and a blanket

they’re stuck there with a tent and a blanket


hundreds of thousands of Syrians in camps in northwestern Syria live in mud camps. They face oppression and tragedy.

a father of six is one of the people who call these mud camps home. He has been in one such camp for three years, and he has no idea when he will be able to return to his town in Syria.

They have no water, no electricity, and no food. They live in tents that are not waterproof. The only thing they have to protect them is an old blanket that they can’t even afford to wash.

The only reason these people aren’t dead is that they had the courage. But now, they’re stuck there with a tent and a blanket.

We don’t need help, we just want to go home,” he said. “But we don’t know when that will happen or if it ever will. We have been waiting here for three years. And every day is like another year of our lives wasted away.”

In this time of crisis, we need your help! Let’s give these people some hope by donating supplies so they can build their own houses out of cinder blocks or wood planks instead of tents that will never keep them warm or dry no matter how much rain or snow falls on top of them.

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