Muhammad Najem

Tragedy in Egypt – At Least Four Covid-19 Patients in Government Hospital Dead Due to Oxygen Cut-Off

UPDATED at 3:30 AM on January 4, 2021:
Unfortunately, I have horrible news from Egypt.

At least six patients in intensive care in two different hospitals in Egypt have died.
Two people died on January 2nd at al-Husseinya Central Hospital, and four died on January 3rd in al-Sharqia governate.

They were coronavirus patients, and the claim is that the oxygen that was keeping them alive was shut off.

These are sad videos from Egypt showing the deaths of these Coronavirus patients who were there.
The nurses are helpless and can’t find any way to save the patients.
A nurse is pictured in the corner of the room after seeing people die without being able to help them.

A very painful picture. This virus has been taking from us everyone we love, and is still taking more.
We hope to find an end to this virus, and that we will not see what happened in Egypt ever again.

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