Muhammad Najem

Tragic Conditions for More Than One Million People


For the more than one million Syrian people living in tent camps, the brutal weather just compounds the tragedies they face in daily life there.

Rain and wind storms flooded the camps, destroying tents and the few belongings they had.

The mud left behind affects every aspect of life. The children even have to play in it, leaving their shoes and clothing destroyed.

When you add the horrific weather conditions to the lack of resources such as water, sanitation, heat, and food–this is disastrous.

Such a life is not fair for anyone to endure. There is little hope left for the people, just to survive there one more day.

Aerial scenes from the IDP camps in northern #Syria​, after 48 hours of the heavy rainfalls.

Tragic conditions for more than a million people, including over 400,000 children, living in these tents after they were displaced from their homes.

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