Muhammad Najem

UNICEF Should Not Discriminate

We notice that Syrian children are given backpacks from UNICEF, but children in other countries are given so much more.

UNICEF states that it: “saves and protects the world’s most vulnerable children, working to ensure child rights and providing health care, immunizations, nutrition, access to safe water and sanitation services, basic education, protection and emergency relief”.

The children in the camps for the displaced need ALL of these things desperately, yet they are given backpacks when they have no schools to attend. Shouldn’t food and shelter, clean water, and health care come first?

Why is it that UNICEF is able to help the children of other countries so much?

Should children be judged or discriminated against because of where they were born?

Surely UNICEF can see the needs of Syrian children. They need everything. They have nothing.

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