Muhammad Najem

We are not going to forget this year any time soon! 2020 لن ننسى هذا العام

2020 was a year that none of us will forget. In this video we compare events from the year 2020 throughout the world, to events that occurred in Syria during the same timeframe. People welcomed the New Year with high hopes, but it was disastrous for the entire year.



The Coronavirus pandemic touched every country in the world, including in the camps for displaced people in Syria, where there are no resources. Catastrophic fires raged in Australia, as well in refugee camps. The port explosion in Lebanon was met with the continued bombing of Syria by Russia and the Syrian regime, even during the so-called ceasefire.



Black Lives Matter protests were seen around the world, even supported in Syria, by artists and protesters. Syrians continued to bravely protest for basic freedoms. And while most children in the world excitedly waited for Santa to bring gifts, the children of Syria prayed for a meagre meal for their starving bellies, and a warm place to sleep.

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