Muhammad Najem

We have lost another part of our body. We lost the heartbeat,we lost new city


Hello my friends, I don’t know how or where to start this conversation. We have lost another part of our body. We lost the heartbeat, my second city in which I lived, we lost Marat al-Numan. After being destroyed by Bashar Al-Assad and Russia, after they bombarded it with forbidden rockets and missiles. Now they have taken it over after they destroyed it. The heart will stop beating and everyone will see our body collapse. Syria, which resisted nine years. Syria destroyed by Russia and Iran. Do everything to get it back, even if they burned everything. They destroyed all the houses, mosques, and archeological sites. Caused her family to abandon her. They killed its residents with their missiles. Maarat al-Numan, now smeared with blood and rubble. Maarat al-Numan entrusts us and joins the rest of the cities destroyed by Russia. Ghouta, Homs, Aleppo, and others. We lost an important part of our body, but we are still breathing. We will breathe until we recover the rest of our body. Hoping to find a doctor who can find a cure for this tired part. Syria will remain the spirit, soul, and pulse of the world.

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