Muhammad Najem

White Helmets Work Tirelessly to Save Syrian Boy Who Fell Into Deep Well


For more than 48 hours straight, the Civil Defense (the White Helmets) worked to retrieve the body of a Syrian boy, Hasan Khedir al Zaalan, who fell down into a deep well in the Kafar Ruhin area of northern Idlib in Syria.

The brave men dug nonstop to try to save the boy, but after the first few hours the boy was silent.

They finally managed to bring his body up from the depths.

Such a tragedy for the family of the child, and for all involved.

We compare this 48 hours of bravery by the White Helmets to the murderous thug Assad, who has killed millions of Syrians.

He would have left the child there alone, buried in the depths.

Thanks to God for the brave men whose determination and faith brought the child’s body up for his family to be able to bury him properly.

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