Muhammad Najem

Why is it difficult for humans to live in peace?

Why is it such a formidable challenge for humanity to coexist harmoniously?

as our world grapples with the looming threats of devastating floods, climate change, and the irreversible harm inflicted upon our environment. Amidst these perils, a disheartening reality persists – a large portion of the global population remains oblivious to the imminent dangers and their profound impact on the fate of our planet and the well-being of future generations.

The relentless tide of wars shows no signs of abating. It surges briefly in one region and subsides in another, only to erupt anew elsewhere. In its wake, it cruelly robs children of their laughter and reduces entire cities to somber remnants. Whether it be the ongoing conflict between Palestine and Israel, the war in Syria, the tension-riddled standoff between Russia and Ukraine, or the enduring strife in Yemen, Sudan, Myanmar, and numerous others. wars persist unabated, and the world is trapped in an unending loop of violence, whether on a global stage or confined within the boundaries of civil unrest.

The regrettable shift from regarding the violation of human rights as an aberration to accepting it as a norm has become distressingly commonplace so much so that I would not be surprised if we see them in the future as something secondary that does not fall within the list of violations at all. Shockingly, certain nations have gone so far as to impede the intervention of the United Nations and its leadership, accusing them of ulterior motives. The politicization of rights has led us to a point where we find ourselves entangled in debates, questioning whether blatant violations are indeed violations, when the evidence is glaring.

The pivotal question lingers – Why does the pursuit of peace seem to elude humanity? What compels us to be architects of our own world’s demise? The future, shrouded in uncertainty, hinges on our collective ability to rethink our actions, foster cooperation, and embrace understanding. Only through concerted efforts can we aspire to build a world where peace reigns supreme, where the mistakes of the past serve as lessons for a future defined by justice and harmony.

The question here is why is it difficult for humans to live in peace?

Why do we ruin our world with our own hands?

What will the future be like?

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