Muhammad Najem

Trump’s False Election-Fraud Claims Brought Violence at the Capitol Today

Unprecedented in U.S. history, the Capitol building in Washington, D.C. was stormed and invaded today.

Not long after Trump addressed his followers and swore he would “never concede”, and asked them not to accept the results, mass numbers of protesters converged at the Capitol.

Armed protesters who support Trump, became violent and destructive as they overcame police and broke into the building. Dressed in body armor, armed with guns, gas masks, and sticks; these extremists planned to “occupy the Capitol building”, according to eyewitnesses.

They broke windows, violently attacked Capitol Police, (allegedly with pepper spray or tear gas), broke into the building, and invaded the rotunda and the Senate House Chamber, where Vice President Pence and members were meeting to confirm the Electoral Votes.


These votes confirm that President Elect Biden won the election, but now this certification has been temporarily stopped, as the Congress members shelter in place during these attacks.


A woman was fatally shot inside the U.S. Capitol after the mob breached the building. The circumstances are still not clear.

Shots were fired from both police and protesters. Pepper spray was used by both sides as well.


Trump tweeted after the fact that his supporters, whom he called, “very special people”, should stay peaceful, (although he repeated the false information that their election had been stolen), continuing to incite the illegal behavior.


Trump also called for the National Guard to go to the site and keep peace. Meanwhile,


At the time of publishing, these protesters remained, scaling the walls with ropes, shouting, and riling each other up to commit more violent acts.


A citywide curfew has been issued, which will be in effect from 6 PM today until 6 AM tomorrow (Thursday), but the crowds have not yet dispersed.


My friends, this news makes us sad for the United States, as we have seen way too much violence for the last 10 years in my country of Syria.


We hope this situation is resolved quickly, and ends in a peaceful way.

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