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some questions that haunt me a lot in my head, and I need your help in answering them.

Hello my friends,
I have some questions that haunt me a lot in my head, and I need your help in answering them.
I have read a lot about wars and saw one of them.
How did the war start and how did it end? And who carried out those wars and who created them? What are the cities that were destroyed and what did they become? Who are the countries that destroyed and who are the countries that were destroyed?
I read a lot about that, but I couldn’t find a single answer in those books or on the internet. Were these wars for religions or for something else?

I think everyone knows the answer to that, but I hope you will answer it.
Were those wars between two different religions?
We live on this planet together. Our shapes are different. Our language is different. Our colors are different. Our bodies are different. Our thinking is different. Our streets are different. Our cities are different.
Everything is different from the other on this planet.

Why did the French president do this to our religion?
Why does he fight under the pretext of extremism and murder?
Why doesn’t France remember that it killed and tortured millions of people before in its wars?
Our religion is not a religion of extremism, murder and terrorism. Our religion is the religion of Islam. From this name you can understand it yourself. It means peace. Not murder or terror.

Have you forgotten who killed people in New Zealand?
Have you forgotten the United States? – August 2016: An imam and his partner are shot dead on a busy street near their Queens Mosque in New York.
Have you forgotten Switzerland? – December 2016: A 30-year-old man enters a mosque in central Zurich and begins shooting a group of men who were drinking tea after evening prayers.
Canada – January 2017: Alexander Bessonet, 27, kills six Muslim worshipers and injures dozens in an attack on a mosque in Quebec City during evening prayers.
Have you forgotten?
USA – May 2017: Two men were stabbed to death after trying to intervene when a man started yelling at two Muslim-looking women on a train in Oregon, northwestern USA.
United Kingdom – June 2017: A 48-year-old man in London drives a pickup truck amid a group of worshipers who have just left a mosque after late-night prayers, killing a 51-year-old man and wounding nine others .
It was alleged that 48-year-old driver Darren Osborne shouted “I want to kill all Muslims – I did my duty” after the attack. Osborne was sentenced to 43 years in prison on terrorism-related charges.
Spain – August 2017: The number of crimes against Muslims increased in Spain after the deadly attacks in Barcelona and Cambrils, where mosques in the cities of Granada, Fuenlabrada, Logrono and Seville were desecrated and fired at.
Three Moroccans were brutally assaulted in Navarre, while a Muslim woman was injured in an attack in front of the Madrid metro.
New Zealand – March 2019: Twenty-eight-year-old Australian Brenton Tarrant allegedly killed 49 people at two mosques in Christchurch. He was arrested and facing charges.
India: Throughout 2020, Muslims were attacked and blamed for the coronavirus.
France: Two French Muslim women were brutally stabbed near the Eiffel Tower, in front of their own children, by European women who called them “Dirty Muslims”.

Have you forgotten all of that? We do not kill. Our religion does not allow it. You can read our holy book, the Holy Quran, and understand its meanings. It calls for peace and forgiveness. We are not terrorists.

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