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11 Year Anniversary Of Syrian Revolution

11 Year Anniversary Of Syrian Revolution


Today marks the 11th year of the Syrian Revolution.


Eleven years ago today, what began as peaceful protests by civilians was met with the worst brutality from the Assad regime.


Children were tortured and murdered by the Assad regime, young men were shot in the streets as well, their peaceful words and flowers met with bullets.


These criminal actions against innocent and peaceful civilians strengthened the resolve of the Syrian people–to never give up the fight against the brutal dictatorship.


Although joined by Russia and Iran to continue the genocide with bombing, torture, forced disappearance, starvation, chemical weapons, displacement, and arbitrary arrests–the Syrian people still stand strong against tyranny.


Our message to the Assad regime and their allies is this:

Revolution until freedom!


The Syrian people will continue to protest peacefully in small and large cities across the world!


We are joined by supporters of all religions and nations who carry our message in person and on social media.


New generations of Syrians are rising up and carrying on the fight as well. The beautiful Syrian children deserve normal lives.


We do not accept war criminals as leaders.


Justice will be done, and freedom will ring.


The revolutionary flag will fly over Syria and its people will return to rebuild as free people in peace.


We ask you to support us so this eleven years of death and destruction can end soon, and the Assad regime can be brought to justice.

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