Muhammad Najem

children of Syria

In the land where sorrow casts its heavy veil,
Amidst the Syrian camps in Idlib’s tale,
There dwell children, brave and strong,
Their spirits soaring, determined to belong.

Though sadness etches lines upon their face,
Within their eyes, a spark of hope we trace,
For every tear shed, a glimmer of resilience,
A testament to their unyielding brilliance.

In those tender hearts, emotions collide,
Yet within each soul, strength does reside,
For even amidst the darkest night’s embrace,
They find solace in dreams and a distant grace.

In the midst of strife, their smiles emerge,
Defying the chaos, a radiant surge,
Their laughter, a symphony amidst the fray,
Whispering tales of brighter tomorrows they pray.

For these children know the power they possess,
To conquer adversity, to heal and progress,
Their dreams, like blossoms, in the desert bloom,
Igniting hearts with optimism’s sweet perfume.

They dream of classrooms filled with laughter’s cheer,
Of vibrant futures, free from war’s cruel jeer,
With pens as their swords, and books their might,
They strive for knowledge, to claim their rightful light.

So let our words be a beacon of hope,
A melody of love, resilience, and scope,
To lift their spirits, to honor their plight,
And paint the canvas of their dreams so bright.

In Syrian camps where joy and sorrow intertwine,
May optimism’s flame eternally shine,
For these children, a reminder we must send,
That even amidst turmoil, love will transcend.

Let us hold their hands, show them the way,
Together, we’ll turn darkness to brighter day,
For within their hearts, hope will forever bloom,
Guiding them through the chaos, dispelling gloom.


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