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Syria’s White Helmets Continue Desperate Search for Survivors

These pictures detail the massive devastation caused by Monday’s earthquakes that hit Syria.
In Armanāz western #Idlib, Syria, a group of White Helmets (Syria Civil Defense) continue to dig through the rubble, one stone at a time, to search for survivors and to retrieve the dead.
The current death toll in northwestern #Syria has risen to 3,577 and the number of injured is at 6,300.
Tragically, numbers will rise as hundreds of families are still buried under the massive piles of rubble. The White Helmets report that 418 buildings collapsed and more than 1300 have partially collapsed.
Time is running out for these rescue efforts, as reported by CBS News and Khaled Wassef,  “The first 72 hours are considered to be critical,” said Steven Godby, a natural hazards expert at Nottingham Trent University in England. “The survival ratio on average within 24 hours is 74%, after 72 hours it is 22% and by the fifth day it is 6%.” 
The fourth day has passed and now as night has fallen, the survivors who escaped death risk freezing or starving to death, as there is no shelter from the cold, nor food, water, or supplies.
The situation is dire. 

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