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fires in the crowded tent camp of Moria

fires in the crowded tent camp of Moria


Two separate fires in the crowded tent camp of Moria on the Greek Island of Lesvos caused thousands of refugees and migrants to run for their lives without being able to take food, water, or any belongings with them.

Some searched through the rubble for any personal belongings that may have survived the flames. But the camp appeared to be completely destroyed. With nowhere to go, they had to sleep in fields, on the roadside, and in parking lots. They were stopped from going into nearby towns by police shooting teargas at them.

The camp was already subject to isolation measures to try to contain the coronavirus on the island, as a number of refugees there tested positive for the virus.

400 unaccompanied minors were flown to the mainland by Greek authorities who will place them in other refugee camps.

12,000 – 13,000 asylum seekers were living in the camp that was made for a maximum of 2,200 people. Resistance from locals is expected as they fear the refugees want to stay permanently, amidst the promises from the migration ministry who said, “All necessary steps” will be taken to shelter children and vulnerable people.

And for now, the majority of the refugees are left without shelter or basic necessities.


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