Muhammad Najem


Look at this child. He suffers from Cerebral Palsy. And he suffers from the cruelty of this world, which forces him to use this makeshift iron cart to take himself anywhere.


This boy is Abdullah Al Najjar who lives in the countryside of Idlib, in the city of Salquin. He was displaced from Hasaka to continue his miserable life in Salquin.


In any other country, the boy would have been given an electric wheelchair. But Syrian children are not important in this world. And he was left to move about on this makeshift iron cart.


He has suffered like this for seven years. His pain, suffering, and humiliation are ignored, just as he is on the streets.


He should be seen by the world now. Too many children in this world suffer alone. Will people help him, or leave him to suffer for another seven years?

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