Muhammad Najem

Mud camps in Syria

In a camp for displaced Syrians, these men find ways to lighten the hearts of the children

They roll in the mud, making nature their friend instead of their cold, brutal enemy.

Playing with the children brings smiles to their beautiful faces, for they need smiles and laughter and play.

They need homes and food and schools.

These amazing, resilient, people of faith continue to suffer through the worst conditions. Extreme cold, flooding rains, extreme heat, drought, hunger, isolation—the list is endless.

But somehow in all of this ongoing suffering and tragedy, (for over 10 years now), these Syrians forced to live in tents to avoid being bombed, manage to feel joy.

They manage to share joy, to delight the children with a playful spirit. Can you imagine rolling, playing, and running in mud?

It’s all for the children. The beautiful children with pure hearts and hopes for the future.

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