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Refugees of The Struggle: From Belonging to Threat

Refugees of The Struggle: From Belonging to Threat

Once a place of belonging and refuge, our homeland has transformed into a daunting source of threat. The very land that held our identity and provided sanctuary now hangs over us like a dark cloud. We find ourselves in a state of constant anxiety, fearing the possibility of being deported back to our homeland, a prospect that fills us with weakness and dread.

The plight of refugees has been reduced to a political bargaining chip, wielded callously by those in power. Thousands, if not millions, of Syrians, face uncertain futures as their lives hang in the balance. Our rights as refugees seem to have vanished, replaced by a rising tide of racist rhetoric and societal pressure. Hatred lurks in the eyes of those around us. Are we to speak out? Are we to endure? Or is our freedom confiscated once we cross the borders of our homeland, leaving us questioning our place in society? Are we simply marginalized individuals without worth or protection?

In the past, our homeland served as a refuge, a sanctuary that embraced us. However, it has now mutated into a source of trepidation as countries employ the threat of deportation to instill fear within us. As we escape the ravages of war, seeking asylum in foreign lands, we are met with hostility. We are treated as enemies rather than victims of circumstance, while our homeland remains divided and embroiled in ceaseless war. This beautiful homeland, the very essence of our identity, has become a wellspring of anxiety and vulnerability.

We eagerly await the bright future that awaits us in this cruel world, a future that we may not be in. Unfortunately, Syria has become so frightening that they threaten us with deportation to it. It is not reasonable that the homeland becomes a place of threat instead of what was once a place of belonging and containment.

In the end, the future of refugees depends on the actions we take today. It is important to ensure that refugees are treated with dignity and respect and that their rights are protected under the law. Refugees are often seen as a burden and a threat to the societies that host them, rather than as individuals in need of protection and assistance. This further marginalizes and endangers those who have already suffered so much.

Governments and societies need to shift their perspectives and recognize the humanity and potential contributions of refugees. Instead of instilling fear and employing deportation as a weapon, it is essential to provide support, integration, and opportunities for refugees to rebuild their lives. By fostering empathy, understanding, and compassion, we can create a world where refugees are not viewed as threats, but as resilient individuals seeking safety and a chance for a better future.

The path ahead is challenging, but by standing together, advocating for change, and upholding the principles of human rights, we can transform the narrative surrounding refugees. Let us strive for a world where no one is forced to flee their homeland, and where those who seek refuge are welcomed with open arms and the promise of a brighter tomorrow.

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