Muhammad Najem

Seven Years of Russian Bombings

Seven Years of Russian Bombings


White Helmet volunteer, Oubada Zekra, explains the increased danger that the Russian airstrikes put on the Syrian people and the Syrian Civil Defense (White Helmets) over the last seven years.

The Russians use the “double tap” method to kill as many first responders as possible, by returning to bomb a second time, just a few minutes after the first strikes. They actually target the ambulances and heroes who come to the rescue.

He speaks of the first White Helmet killed by Russian bombs, and talks about the dangers of the Russian war crimes, as they continue to save as many people as possible.

No civilian targets are given any privileges. The regime and Russia aim for every human being they can find. Many of the bombs and missiles used are internationally banned and should never be used near civilians.

Many of the Syrian Civil Defense have been injured as well, but they don’t give up their mission to help.

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