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Syrian Girls Smile While Bombs Drop

Syrian Girls Smile While Bombs Drop

These beautiful children live in a camp for displaced people in the countryside of Idlib.

Bombs are dropped by the Assad regime and Russia, killing and wounding innocent civilians–babies, children, women, and first responders.

How resilient are these little girls who smile, give the peace sign, and cover their ears from the horrific, loud sounds of bombs falling all around them?

Imagine if your children were so used to being bombed that they could stand bravely and smile while it’s happening!

Most of these families live in tents which offer no protection from cold weather, let alone bombs and missiles.

The few who live in concrete or brick homes are at least given a bit of protection from the blasts, and a chance at survival.

How tragic that we even have to ask the world to help build homes for these families to give them some safety from bombs.

Shouldn’t the world be asking why they are even being bombed and murdered in the first place?

An entire group of people is being systematically eliminated from the planet.


And only the sound of crickets is heard from the world leaders.

Meanwhile, these amazing and brave Syrian children keep smiling and showing love to the world.

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