Muhammad Najem

Supporting Economic Recovery and Empowerment

The Strategic Importance of the International Community and Neighboring Countries in Supporting Economic Recovery and Empowerment in Northern Syria.

Northern Syria faces severe humanitarian and economic challenges. Leading humanitarian organizations are hosting a conference to discuss economic empowerment and sustainable development. The goal is to improve lives and foster international cooperation for lasting solutions.

Promoting Economic Recovery: Perspectives of International and Arab Organizations towards Stability and Sustainability in Conflict-Affected Areas

The main topics of the session
How neighboring countries and the international community collaborate with local communities in northern Syria to achieve development and stability.
The importance of bilateral and multilateral partnerships to ensure the engagement of all parties in a support system that contributes to laying the foundations for economic and social stability.
The potential regional and international contribution to development through supportive empowerment initiatives.
The strategic importance of Turkey and the international community in facilitating and supporting the process of economic recovery and empowerment in northern Syria.

Yavuz Yiğit 00:00
Director of the Harmony Project
Session moderator

Dr. Edward Gonzalez 04:22
Supervisory Democracy and Governance Officer – USAID

Mehmet Sıddık Yıldırım 14:09
Turkish researcher interested in Arab affairs

Dr. Basem Hatahet 26:16
Director of the European Institute for Political Initiatives and Strategic Analysis

Manuela Oettinger 41:43
Head of Project – GIZ

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