Muhammad Najem

Syria, Lebanon and wars in memory

Syria, Lebanon, and wars in memory


A war that brought together the peoples of Syria and Lebanon in which they stood shoulder to shoulder against the cruelty of death. The causes were many but the pain is one.

Between 1978 and 1989, there were seven wars between the two countries. In the course of these wars, there was killing, displacement, and suffering. No one talked about these wars in Syria or Lebanon as only a war between two countries; instead, they were seen as wars that led to destruction among peoples of Lebanon and Syria.

War is the most painful act people can commit. This is what happened in Lebanon, Syria and elsewhere in the world, especially during the recent years where thousands of men and women were killed or wounded for no reason, just because of hatred between family members and people of different beliefs.

The war in Syria, Lebanon, and other conflicts in the region have brought together people who, perhaps for the first time, have been forced to unite. The war has broadened this extraordinary expression of solidarity. The result is a powerful moment of awareness regarding the connections between our countries, and also a collective trauma that is affecting each one of us individually

In the name of memory, we remember those who have lost their lives and the pain they have gone through in their homeland. We must find ways to avoid letting this happen again!

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