Muhammad Najem

Syrian Girl Dreams of School

Syrian Girl Dreams of School


The little girl, Aml, walks amongst the rubble that used to be her school.

She can remember the sounds of her school, the feel of her notebook, the joy of learning that all ended when her school was bombed.

In her dreams, she is back at school with her friends, learning to read and write, preparing for a bright future.

But these are just dreams, and when she wakes, the reality strikes like the bomb that destroyed her education.

This scenario is all too common for children in Syria. Their schools, homes, hospitals, neighborhoods have been bombed repeatedly. And this is still happening today.

For over 11 years, the Syrian people have endured the Assad regime and its allies, most often Russia, and their bombs that destroy lives and the very things that give children a future to look forward to.

Please don’t forget that Syria is still under attack. The children deserve peace.

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