Muhammad Najem

They laugh. They cry. They sing. They dance. They play.

And then they run from one place to another as if there were no tomorrow.

That’s what children are like when the rain comes to the camps in Idlib, Syria.

But this is not just any rain: it’s a sign of hope for a better future for these children and their families—the ones who have been forced to flee their homes because of war, terrorism, and violence that have destroyed their lives since 2011.

These children have lived through so much that it would be easy for them to give up hope and give in to despair. But instead, they’re laughing and singing in the rain… because they know that tomorrow will be better than today!

They don’t know how long this will last or if there will be another season. They don’t know when they can go home, but they are happy about every drop of rain that falls on them.

The children play in the mud and water, clean their tents and their clothes, and wash their faces with joy.

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