Muhammad Najem

“Why won’t Syrians come back to Syria?”

“Why won’t Syrians come back to Syria?”


“Why won’t Syrians come back to Syria?” A hard question that reflects years of suffering for the Syrians. The reasons may be varied, but mostly all the answers are the same.



There are many reasons why Syrians will not return home. The most important one is that the country is no longer safe anymore; bombs keep falling, people are killed every day by helicopters and many areas have been destroyed as a result of the conflict. There’s also a lack of basic services and infrastructure, which has made it nearly impossible for refugees to return home.


This question was asked by many people in the past years and it reflects a state of thinking that is commonly spread among the Syrians, especially those who stayed outside Syria. The answers may be varied but their cores are the same: “Everything is destroyed in Syria now”, “No safety”, “There is no future”, “My home is gone” etc.


Syrians are not dying in order to come back. There are a lot of reasons why they don’t want to return, some of them are political, some of them are economical, and some of them are personal. But at the end, all the reasons are justifiable and reasonable.


It is hard to believe that any Syrian refugee will return home. The reasons are many, but the result is the same: Syrians do not have any confidence that they will be safe if they go back.

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