Muhammad Najem

Oh sea, despite the beauty of your blue color

Oh sea, despite the beauty of your blue color

You killed an innocent soul without guilt


Oh sea, despite the beauty and splendor of your view

You drowned a child without his opinion


Oh sea, how I used to sit next to you and admire your beauty

But every time I sit next to you, I remember a child who was killed because of you


Oh sea, despite the glory of your white-tipped waves

These waves turned to pushing bodies on your shore


Oh sea, your shore has been transformed from a place for a body to lie and relax, into a body buried on it after being submerged by your waters, pushed by your waves and buried by your sand



Oh sea, be more merciful to us than those people who kill us


Oh sea, you are our prosperity and the source of our energy

Be beautiful as our hearts felt you, and don’t be a killer as our eyes saw you



Oh sea, the earth came to us, and we found no place but you


Embrace us with your waves and bring us to the land of peace

Do not be like the land that forced us to leave its soil


Oh sea, tell your waters, waves and sands to be our helpers

And don’t be the one who kills us


Oh sea, if our request is too great for you, do not let us ride your waves and let your waves stop us, but tell them not to kill us.

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