Muhammad Najem

Desperate Need for Tents!

Desperate Need for Tents!

Calling out to organizations, agencies, anyone who can help!
The people in northwest Syria and southeast Turkiye who were left homeless by the earthquakes have no shelter!
There are no tents available for them, and if they can find one, the racketeers are charging $300 for one small tent.
These people lost everything, they have no money, no food, no water, no shelter, no way to bathe, nowhere to go!
People are living on the streets, trying to keep their families alive.
This is a very SERIOUS REQUEST FOR HELP. If you know of any organization who can donate tents, please contact them and have them sent to Idlib and Hatay. They need thousands of tents, especially in Idlib, and families are in trouble.
Their buildings were destroyed, most do not have cars, but those who have cars are living in them — everyone else is living on the streets.

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